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Archangel Michael Candle

Archangel Michael Candle

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This Archangel Michael Ritualized Candle is the perfect spiritual tool for invoking the powerful energies of Archangel Michael. Light this candle to uncover the ancient history of Archangel Michael and invoke amazing spiritual protection. Conveniently crafted to enable your spiritual practice, this candle is designed to enhance your experience and bring you closer to your spiritual goals.


:...... Write on the candle the name of the person to whom it is addressed.
  From the wick to the base.
:..... Anoint olive oil. Sprinkle on the candle, the items in the black bag that comes with the candle.
:....Say the prayer and light the candle.  Once the candle has burn down,
throw away the remains along with sugar.


Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in the %ght. Be our defense against perversity
and the stalking of the devil. May God manifest his power over him, that is our humble
supplicaon; and you, Prince of the Celesal Milia, with the strength that God has
bestowed on you, throw Satan and the other evil spirits who roam the world to the
destrucon of souls into hell. Amen.
Deign to reach me of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. The grace of... (Make here
the request you wish to obtain).
-Write the name of the person to whom it is addressed on the candle, from the wick to
the base.
-anoint olive oil
-Sprinkle the preparaon that comes with the candle
-Say the prayer and light the fuse
-Once the candle is consumed, throw away the remains along with sugar

-The Archangel Michael Ritual-Premium candles have a protective plastic cover, These are designed to be burned inside the cover, yes, burn inside the cover, fully complying with the European CE regulations on the use of them.  -It is recommended that when using the candle it should be placed on top of a fireproof surface and be extremely vigilant with it, as with any type of flame.

-Made with 80-20% paraffin and wax



• Made in Spain
• Dimensions: 0 x 15,2 x 41,9 cm (0in x 6in x 16,5in)
• Weight: 299,4 g (10,6 unser)
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