About Us

Hey there! My name is Carolyne Gange, the Owner and Founder of The Candle Bliss. We are a company based in Norway. Orginazation Number 930 920 835.

I was diagnosed with Autoimmune disease, having to deal with lots of health issues, I felt so alone. Taking several medications a day was no longer ideal for me. I decided to try the natural way. It taught me how important is to build a healthy and caring relationship with myself, and it became my priority.

Without self-care, I wouldn’t have the resilience or self-awareness I have today. Self-care is essential, but it isn’t always easy. With the right tools at hand, you don’t have to compromise on your mental, physical and spiritual health.

My purpose is to empower women to take care of themselves mentally, physically and spiritually — not only on special occasions, but every single day. You can build inspiring self-care rituals that slot right into your lifestyle and start showing up as the highest version of yourself, every day of the week. Above all, I want to offer ways to reconnect with ourselves, develop our intuition, and celebrate our inner magic as well as that of the world around us.

The Candle Bliss is based in Norway. We partnered with experts to create products that work.

At The Candle Bliss, we source our exclusive range of products from the most reputable manufacturers and brands in the industry.

“We are committed to providing only high quality products! Products that don’t meet label claim, we won’t carry them on our website. The Candle Bliss products are offered to uplift, calm, relax, protect and delight. The best place to find a perfect gift for that one special person in your life.

There is something amazing and magical about fragrances. A single scent has the ability to create an ambiance, calm frazzled nerves and much, much more. Spa-type scents illicit feelings of relaxation and zen, while the nurturing aromas make us feel warm, cosy and safe.

Our collection of fully well choosen handmade products are made with care & attention to detail as our top priority is ensuring all our customers are satisfied when they receive one of our products.We are a company based in Norway. Organization Number 930 920 835.