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Musk Soy Jar Candle

Musk Soy Jar Candle

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A soft and delicately sweet marshmallow scent with a hint of exotic spice Simply Soy Jar Candles are clean burning, long lasting and crafted to complement any decor.

These are poured in elegant matte black glass with silver interior, and presented in a minimalist black box.. These jar candles are available in 12 classic and contemporary scents and are made using soy and coconut wax, lead-free cotton wicks and have a 50-60 hour burn time.

Made in Australia.

Cruelty free & vegan.

Natural soy & coconut wax base.

Cosmetic-grade fragrance.

Lead-free cotton wick.

Size/Duration: 240g / 60 hour burn time.


  • Remove dust cover before lighting candle.
  • Burn candle for between 1 - 3 hours at a time.
  • Keep wick trimmed to 6mm.
  • Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Do not move candle when lit - jar and wax will be hot.
  • Plac


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    • Made in Australia
    • Weight: 0,6 kg (1,2 pund)
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