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The Candle Bliss

Tigers Eye Crystal Candle Jar

Tigers Eye Crystal Candle Jar

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 Dive into the darkly aquatic, aromatic experience of Black Coral and Moss. This sensual fragrance oil marries notes of lavender, amber, dark musk, and vetiver.

A mossy, marine scent, Black Coral and Moss will capture your imagination and lend an air of mystery to your home

+orange sweet, patchouli, nootka tree, and eucalyptus essential oils


Combining Earth energy with that of the Sun, Golden Tiger Eye draws Spiritual energy down to the Earth, while still keeping you centered here on the ground. Sunny Tiger Eye brings brightness and optimism to a situation, and shines insight onto problems.
Metaphysically, Tumbled Golden Tiger Eye is a powerful Solar Plexus Chakra stone, helpful in manifesting ideas into reality and giving courage in times of change.
Use Golden Tiger Eye with the Solar Plexus Chakra to increase your personal power.
Known as a stone of protection, especially for travelers, Tiger Eye brings good luck and prosperity to the user. Ancients used Tiger Eye as a talisman against bad luck and curses. Tiger Eye attracts abundance and can also stimulate the rise of Kundalini energies.

9oz (255g)

Height:  3.5"

Diameter:  2.88"

Cotton Wick

More than 50% recycled glass jar


Made with love!

Natural Soy wax, fragrance & essential oils, crystals and dye.
• Made in United States
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